What Can I do?

Before proceeding with a debut or expecting to have an intelligent conversation with others please be sure to understand the truth about the answers to the below questions. Most of the answers can be found in our posts on this web site. If you have questions please ask or do the research and be sure to believe only the information that has documented, verifiable facts that can not be disputed.

It is imperative to confirm a minimum comprehension of history, science, economy, politics and the general state of the world. Helping others will be very difficult without understanding how things work, the bigger picture…


The economy – What is fractional banking? What is the Federal Reserve? Can you describe the world banking structure?  What is the world reserve currency? What is the difference between money and currency?


Science – What is the status of our ecosystem today, and what has affected it the most? What is quantum physics and how it relates to the energy we use every day?  What does geoengineering have to do with worldwide agriculture?  What is the Galactic Equinox and how does it relate to 2012 and the pole shift?


Politics – What are the three branches of Government and why do we have them? What is an oligarchy? What are the results of the Princeton and Harvard study’s about oligarchy in the US? Who is George Soros? Who funds Snopes and what do they do when they are caught lying? Who owns over 95% of the mainstream media? What is MK Ultra? What year did the US government make propaganda legal in the US? How many Muslims hold High ranking positions in the Obama Administration?


History – What do the Rothschild’s and the battle of Waterloo have to do with the current economic situation and the stock market? What happened to the USS liberty in the Gulf of Tonkin and how many American lives were lost because of this? How many False Flag events have been proven to be true? Who funded both sides of WW1 and WW2 for a profit? What was the battle of Lexington Green about and how does it apply to our legislator today?


What is cognitive dissonance?


Unable to answer these questions off the top of your head? Research them and be educated about the truth behind the deception of indoctrination of our society. Without understanding the concept behind these questions your ability to exercise informed decision making (or debate) has been compromised.


To move forward It is essential to be unencumbered by lack of knowledge or misinformation. If you will not do this then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.