The Wall

Drug Smugglers Lift Border Fence

Trump: Civil Rights For Citizens Before Illegals

It’s time to restore the civil rights of Americans, he said

President Trump said he will protect the civil rights of American citizens by cracking down on sanctuary cities and deporting criminal illegals.“It’s time to restore the civil rights of Americans to protect their jobs, their hopes and their dreams for a much better future,” the president stated at the Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Penn., on Thursday. “Congress passed these [immigration] laws to serve our citizens and it’s about time those laws were properly enforced – they’re not enforced.”“The hour of justice for the American worker has arrived.”

Border security is a serious, serious national security issue and problem, he added.

“A lack of security poses a substantial threat to the sovereignty and safety of the United States of America and its citizens,” the president stated.

President Trump also outlined some of the moves he’s already made this week.

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