Founder of Weather Channel blasts total fraud of climate change: Science fraud run by the Left

by Isabelle Z. NaturalNews:

John Coleman, the outspoken retired weatherman who founded the Weather Channel, thinks global warming is a bunch of “silliness” and he doesn’t care who disagrees with him.

In an interview with, the lively Coleman said that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Climate Action Plan turned his stomach. He said, “I think he saw money and power, and I don’t know what else he thought of it. I can’t believe he really [felt he] was going to save the city from some terrible fate.” He added that he felt San Diego is not going underwater in his lifetime or that of his children.

The 82-year-old also derided the tsunami warning route signs found throughout the city, saying that the odds of a major tsunami striking Southern California are roughly the same as that of a flying saucer landing in Lindbergh field.

He says that “Algorian” scientists have been fudging data and accepting billions of dollars worth of research grants from the government in order to be financially comfortable and advance their careers. He feels global warming should be a scientific issue rather an a political one, as people like Al Gore continue to watch their fortunes rise thanks to the global warming scam.

In fact, Gore himself has seen his fortune grow from $2 million in 2001 to an incredible $100 million in 2016 due mainly to his investments in “green tech” businesses. Coleman called Al Gore’s global warming alarmist documentary An Inconvenient Truth a “scientific monstrosity” and said he was happy that his latest movie has not been too successful.

Responding to those who have dismissed his opinion as nonsense, he said: “I’m just a dumb old skeptic — a denier as they call me — who ought to be jailed or put to death. I understand how they feel. But you know something? I know I’m right. So I don’t care.”

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CNN lies again? Says Trump’s job approval rating is 19 percentage points lower than it really is

CNN’s Carol Costello apparently told a misnomer Friday morning on air, likely in an effort to downplay Trump’s job approval rating

According to the most publicized poll published by Rasmussen Reports, the President’s current approval rating shows that “55% of likely U.S. voters approve of President Trump’s job performance,” which is 19 percentage points higher than CNN is claiming.

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Federal Judge Says CNN Are Fake News

Many people keeps making use of the word “conspiracy” concerning Trump and the press, however a court may have put an end to that unsupported claims with an enormous judgment that gives Trump’s claims of fake news a whole lot more reliability. (via Angry Patriot Movement)

Judge Orinda Evans, from the Federal District Court, claimed, in the 18 page order on the case, “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice,’” via Law Newz.

David Carbone, previously the CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is behind the claim against CNN. They stated, presumably incorrectly, that the child humanity scale in among the hospital’s surgery programs was three times the nation’s standard.

Certainly, this kind of news might be very worrying to anticipating parents who were considering the hospital for their child’s birth.

Due to CNN’s story, the hospital’s pediatric cardiothoracic surgery program was closed down, and Carbone also lost his work. Read More Here

The top 10 fake news stories of the last two years that were relentlessly pushed by the “fakestream media”

(Natural News) One strategic and insidious way to cover up deceit and a false narrative is for liars to accuse honest people of lying, thus putting them on their “heels” so they won’t or don’t point out the true hypocrisy being committed. Recently, Donald J. Trump called out the lies of not only the Democrats, but mainstream media as well, their favorite propaganda mouthpiece, including CNN (the “Clinton News Network), MSNBC, the New York Times, Forbes, and of course, the Washington D.C. rag–the Washington Post, a.k.a. “WashPo.” That’s what the mainstream media decided to script out, but they failed miserably.

All the major propaganda networks of the “Demoncrats” decided to run the same regurgitated script that originated at the WashPo rag, saying all independent and alternative news was “fake news” and that this fake news somehow cost them the election, put lives at risk, and changed the course of history. That’s the whole lie in a nutshell: the fake news calling the real news fake news, and it all backfired.

Here they come: The top 10 REAL fake news stories of 2015 and 2016:

#1. The tap water in Flint, Michigan is perfectly safe to drink, according to the EPA and government officials in Michigan

This one is the story of stolen money used to poison children, when officials of the city of Flint decided to stop purchasing water from Detroit and draw water instead from the heavily contaminated Flint River. Criminal charges were filed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette against a total of 13 people and two engineering companies. Lead was among just one of the heavy metal toxins that wounded and killed children, all as a trade-off so bureaucrats could funnel so-called “emergency” funds to the tune of tens of millions of dollars into building the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) pipeline.

High level officials who report directly to the Governor have been indicted, and the EPA knew about the dangers of the contaminated water flowing through lead pipes, but helped cover up the massive tragedy for months. The corrosion lead to one of the USA’s largest outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease ever, killing at least 12 people so far. (RELATED: See more news about heavy metals in the water at

#2. Global warming is getting worse and could be catastrophic if Americans don’t contribute to the “cause”

Al Gore is one filthy rich man from perpetuating one of the biggest hoaxes of the past couple decades–man made global warming. Since the huge lie has been revealed, the narrative has changed to mostly omit the words “global warming” and simply use the slogan “climate change,” especially since the Earth is at the beginning of a long cooling phase, rather than one that’s going to burn up everyone any time soon.

The whole racket was started as a business venture to con a few hundred million people into paying taxes for emissions from just about anything that burns fuel. The first major problem with the whole “global warming” analysis is that the US has been in a slow cooling phase since the 1930s, and NOAA faked the data to make it look like it’s been getting hotter.

True raw data show no warming over the past century. Even if humans were reckless with natural resources, there’s no proof we even have the capability to change our overall atmospheric temperature. It’s arrogant science combined with a false narrative invented by millionaires who quickly became billionaires. In fact, 1200 years of data totally discredit the entire global warming, climate change scare and the propaganda.

#3. Zika virus will cause millions of babies to be born with shrunken heads and damaged brains

Long story short: in the late 1940s, Zika virus was discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda, Africa, and cases were documented as early as 1960 in Southeast Asia. Zika is a mild viral infection (like a head cold or mild case of the flu). Most people’s immune system defeats the Zika virus in less than a week and then they are immune to it for life. But not in America or Brazil, apparently.

Suddenly, a year after Bill Gates released his genetically modified mosquitoes, and within two years of a mass dumping of toxic mosquito-killing pesticides in Brazil’s drinking water, suddenly children were being born with shrunken heads and brain damage. What does the US mass media blame? Zika! Why not? It’s time to create another mass panic, another fake vaccine like the Swine Flu vaccine, and make billions off all the hysteria.

Top it all off with the mass spraying of toxic pesticides (naled) over neighborhoods in Miami and what have you got? A mad, mad cycle of humans consuming toxic pesticides, babies born with birth defects (microcephaly), and a mild virus blamed for it all–the same virus with zero history of causing birth defects ever before, in over 50 years of documentation. Talk about fake news. Still, America’s big pharma industry wants to shoot up all our pregnant women with flu shots laced with mercury.

#4. Fukushima nuclear reactors are fine – nothing to worry about (except physics)

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake at sea sent a tsunami onto land that devastated the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, crashing spent fuel rods to the bottom of a 5-story cooling pool, and enabling radioactive fluid to leak onto the land and into the Pacific Ocean. Since the first day, mass media in the US and Japan have completely downplayed and almost blacked-out coverage of the massive dangers of the radioactive waste and cesium 137 that’s infecting animals, humans, and fish across the planet.

Officials from TEPCO in Japan literally told people to get drunk and be happy and that will keep them safe from the radiation. They told their people the water from Fukushima is safe enough to drink, even though people who live near the plant are dying from the radiation, and workers who dare try to repair it suffer the same.

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The Media Is Now The Political Opposition

Stephen Bannon Is 100% Correct—The Media Is Now The Political Opposition


Paul Craig Roberts

Bannon is correct that the US media—indeed, the entire Western print and TV media—is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. The presstitutes are devoid of integrity, moral conscience, and respect for truth. Read the comments in which morons define freedom of the press as the freedom to lie to the public.

Who else but the despicable Western media justified the enormous war crimes committed against millions of peoples by the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes in nine countries—Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, and the Russian areas of Ukraine?

Who else but the despicable Western media justified the domestic police states that have been erected in the Western world in the name of the “war on terror”?

Along with the war criminals that comprised the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes, the Western media should be tried for their complicity in the massive crimes against humanity.

The Western media’s effort to sustain the high level of tension between the West and Russia is a danger to all mankind, a direct threat to life on earth. Gorbachev’s warnings are correct. Yet presstitutes declare that if Trump lifts the sanctions it proves that Trump is a Russian agent. It is paradoxical that the Democrats and the liberal-progressive-left are mobilizing the anti-war movement to oppose Trump’s anti-war policy!

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Chinese Propaganda: New Hollywood Movie Depicts Trump-like President Killing US

Anti-Trump Chi-Coms buying up Hollywood

Jamie White |

Hollywood is set to begin work on Little America, a dystopian adventure movie set in a future where a Trump-like U.S. president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts.

The film, set to be produced by explosion-obsessed director Michael Bay, describes a future where the president has destroyed America’s economy, prompting China to call in its debts, making it the de facto owner of the country while many Americans emigrate to China for work.

Universal Pictures recently picked up the rights to the movie after a heated bidding war with several producers, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot of the movie follows a former American Force Recon member who is hired by a Chinese billionaire to infiltrate an American ghetto and rescue his daughter.

Just a few months ago, China bought all six Hollywood studios in an unprecedented buy-up, a move meant to repurpose Hollywood films to serve China’s agenda, including influencing public perception with state-sponsored propaganda.

“China views film as a component of social control,” states a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), noting that when it comes to Chinese policies for regulating movies, “the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) concerns are positioned above all other interests.”

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