Main stream media has lost all credibility. They are Fake News. Their dominance and manipulation over the narrative and truth for so many years has come to an end. Highlighted by recent events the people have opened their eyes to this fact and we are now at a turning point where the minds of the greater public have the ability to see the truth coming from alternative media. The fake news main stream media will not recover from this any time in the near future.

Fake News Exposed is all about highlighting the corruption inside the mainstream media. Investigative Journalism is under attack from the perverted corporate narrative promoting division, confrontation and war throughout Nations worldwide. Find the truth.

The MAIN STREAM SIX have been shaping public perception via Marxist social engineering.


Please read, then share far and wide the Truth Behind the Deception that you will find from all the contributing authors that make this web site possible.

Six Corporations Control Almost Everything You Hear, See, Read and Ultimately Think-The 6 Masters of the Media Own All of the Food, Auto, Big Pharma, Managed Health Care, Clothing, etc.

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14 Corporations Controls Almost Everything You Drive

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Ten Corporations Controls Almost Everything You Eat

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